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New Media Toolkit

Well organized and easily accessible, a guide to digital publishing tools that covers essential bases without overwhelming. Begin or advance your know-how in SEO, multimedia, impact and more.


Designed to visualize multiple metrics to track your success and tell your story, Sparkwise builds in calls-to-action to measure the real-world impact of your work.

Data Management Platforms for Publishers

Specializing in data “ingestion, analysis and portability,” Bluekai’s free whitepaper on data management platforms helps target content to satisfy your audience and bottom line.

Many ways to listen: Takeaways from my time at the JA

Community and outreach editor Denise Cheng learned power listening and deep documentation in her months with the JA. She is leaving her JA post to make the most of a semester at CUNY.


Tracking real-time reader response, newsbeat gives publishers the tools to understand and engage their audiences at the granular and broad-brush level.
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