JA Team


Lisa Skube
Lisa SkubeLisa develops the overall program, including partnerships, services, and structure. An engagement strategist and capacity builder, Lisa has provided professional services to serve clients’ communities with unique issues, products or causes over the past couple decades. Her work targets, refines, connects and cultivates deeper relationships among causes and the people they serve. Lisa is the founder and architect of the Journalism Accelerator project, the subject of her 2010-2011 Fellowship year at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri.


Matt Tiffany
 alt=Matt is the JA’s editorial assistant, contributing research, ensuring quality and tracking emerging trends to bring JA’s community practical and useful content. His background as a newspaper editor helps the JA maintain high editorial standards. Matt earned his master’s degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and was a section editor and copy editor at The San Diego Union-Tribune. Matt also moonlights as a freelance writer and is passionate about social issues, having worked as a social worker in Southern California before undertaking his journalism career.

Community Participation:

Nicole Staudinger
Nicole Staudinger Nicole helps identify connections across the field of news and information, sharing resources and trends with the JA community. A communications specialist striving to empower positive change through new technology, Nicole brings to the JA a background in social networking and community development. She has helped environmental health initiatives and Native American storytellers build and enable rich interactive experiences for targeted audiences.

Community Content:

Jamison Taffel
Jamison TaffelJamie is in charge of organizing and publishing JA web content. His focus is squeezing the very best results out of online content by optimizing websites for the best possible user experience. His broad portfolio of experience includes content management, email marketing, multivariate testing, customer service, web design/development, creating original web content, landing page optimization, and audience development for start-ups, small businesses and big brands.

Technology Design & Support:

Bert Mahoney
Bert MahoneyBert is the mastermind behind JA 2.0. He brings more than two decades of design and development to further both the Journalism Accelerator’s website and the stack underneath it that layers people and technology for a high touch/smart tech experience. In addition to his work with the JA, Bert is the creative technologist behind Berchman.com. Bert is an expert in WordPress, an active participant in conversations and learning communities bending technology to serve people’s needs, and most happy when his design solutions help people quickly and easily find the important information they seek.