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Well organized and easily accessible, a guide to digital publishing tools that covers essential bases without overwhelming. Begin or advance your know-how in SEO, multimedia, impact and more.

New Media Toolkit

New tools are emerging every day for telling stories, engaging audiences and monitoring online impact. How can nonprofits and ethnic and community news organizations use these tools to their advantage? How can beginners sort through the overwhelming volume of all the different available technologies? And how can those wishing to improve their digital skills find the best resources?

The Renaissance Journalism Center curated this comprehensive collection of tools, tutorials and resources to help you navigate the often confusing and intimidating world of online media. The site was designed specifically for those working at small to medium-sized nonprofits and community and ethnic news organizations, as a way to help you jump-start your efforts in social media, video, audio, blogging, and monitoring and metrics. The site is intended to serve as an accessible gateway for beginners, with plenty of resources and tips for those ready to advance their skills and knowledge.” Source: New Media Toolkit

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