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The Journalism Accelerator (JA) forum connects practitioners around questions commonly shared across news networks. Listening, resourcing and reaching out across communities of practice, the JA hosts conversations around questions publishers submit. Together, the community explores things like how others are building new business or distribution models to bring their products to market. Or what academic incubators are cooking up, emerging experiments unfolding in the field or the rich mulch composted from “failed” experiments that may seed new life. What happens when I ask a question?

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How could collaboration increase revenue in journalism?

Building from the energy of a MediaShift/UC Berkeley Investigative Reporting Project event, this post-conference conversation sparks exploration of the business side of collaboration in journalism.

Niche News Startups: How do you make it work financially?

What does it take for niche news publishers to make money in the digital world? Whether for or non-profit, what are realistic ways for startup news sites to bring in real revenue? Foundation support isn’t forever. Who or what will support in-depth journalism? And how? Join right in or for background check out the stories...

Local News Publishers: How do you make it work financially?

How do startup news publishers make an impact – and make money? Among the many local news businesses there are successes to mimic and struggles to overcome. Who or what will support the continued creation of news and sustain its quality? And how? Jump in to the conversation below! Looking for background? Feel free to...

What kind of election coverage do you want to bring to your community in 2012?

The 2012 elections are already underway. For many publishers, elections present an opportunity to cement community ties – to go beyond horserace coverage, to tap into local knowledge and to root out information people are hungry to have before voting. How can news sites best respond to community needs around the election? What tools, resources, and collaborations are worth trying? What financial and ethical questions around elections do publishers want answered? This question has a lot of answers—to view by way of RSS, click here.

What is the value of local TV news?

Despite the Internet’s adoption as a leading source of news and information, local TV stations still hold significant sway in the political and social discourse of communities large and small. In survey after survey, around 70% of Americans say they rely on their local TV brands for information about local weather, traffic and breaking news. With this, local stations are aggressively migrating to on-demand and mobile, restructuring models of content and production, breaking down the ad/edit wall further, downsizing, consolidating, and sharing or outsourcing reporting. What are the risks of major changes like station consolidation or pay-for-play ads? What innovations in local TV news hold the most promise to serve the public good?

How are other community news startups, like The Terminal, who have been in business for a few years, building and sustaining their business online?

For businesses of all stripes, staying relevant and serving content that is meaningful to your communities or customers is a daily commitment. What techniques, tactics or tools have you found keep things fresh and have deepened your business staying power?

Which #journalism hashtags on Twitter do you find most useful?

According to, the hashtag #journalism showed up on Twitter nearly 100 times in just an hour today. Other journalism hashtags we are learning from daily include #news, #journo, #hyperlocal and #journchat. What are some hashtags you think are useful when researching trends or journalism innovation on Twitter?

What tools and metrics are news organizations using to measure social media impact?

New tools like Seattle’s Newsdex offer the ability for local news sites to quickly assess their network size, and how they rank amongst their peers. What are the different ways you are measuring impact, reach and quality of service to the readers you serve?

Which Seattle sites are re-defining digital news?

The 2011 State of the News Media report from Pew Research includes an essay I wrote about the vibrancy of Seattle’s emerging news landscape. I included a list of noteworthy sites that are redefining digital news in the Puget Sound region. My list was intended as just a start, which would grow as other people identify sites to include. What should we add and why? Useful additions will be gathered and republished in the Seattle Journalism Commons.

How are new online news sites building credibility with readers, the community and funders?

Different types of news and styles of reporting connect and serve audiences in different ways. What factors accelerate – or diminish – a site’s credibility?
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