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The Journalism Accelerator resource section features what other news producers have used, applications to up productivity across distribution, technology, revenue, craft, community, experiments, education and policy. We’re also collecting (and welcoming your recommended) resource listings from other industries that may help publishers gain efficiency.
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Tweets for Keeps: May 2019

Guidance for interviewing sources with mental health disorders, tips for using AI, collaborating with readership to solicit data sets, evidence that people still care about old-school media, a legacy paper becoming a nonprofit “community asset” Tools & Tactics It’s very likely that journalists will interview sources with a mental health disorder or cover a story...

Tweets for Keeps: April 2019

Tools for taking control of smart speakers, tips for handling burnout, the benefits of global citizenry reporting, the perks of hiring an editor, partnerships for empowerment Tools & Tactics Taking control of news on smart speakers — (@radioinfo) April 28, 2019 Tips & Techniques Journalists are resilient and passionate, but the impact...

Tweets for Keeps: January 2019

Creative use of statistical tools, preparing for a privacy breach, "future-proofing" a print magazine, legendary reporting advice, the key to philanthropic collaboration

Tweets for Keeps: March 2016

Tools for reporting with online data, two handy FOI request generators, a text system for building community news, a government info transparency dashboard, mobile storytelling sparks social change

Tweets for Keeps: February 2016

Helpful analytics reports, bright ideas for nonprofit newsrooms, lessons learned from the Local News Lab, practical advice for fact-checking, street papers engage in global solidarity

Tweets for Keeps: February 2015

Advice for journos from a seasoned pro, tips for verifying internet news, libraries that lead the way, lifting true news above the noise, digital media business models from bright minds

Tweets for Keeps: January 2015

Tools for civic engagement, tips for pitching ideas to your editor, making radio popular on social media, first-hand accounts from real-world journalists, community engagement ups value of reporting

A deep resource for prospective journalism students to explore and compare academic programs. Check out the myriad of options for scholarships and grants.


One of the first seamless customer relationship management (CRM) systems for WordPress allows you to customize work flow, commerce, data and community with a free or paid version.

Nonprofit Journalism – A Growing but Fragile Part of the U.S. News System

Pew report on recent success of nonprofit news outlets offers cautions and optimism, with a funding roadmap of how a number of outfits are achieving profitability.
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