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The Journalism Accelerator (JA) forum connects practitioners around questions commonly shared across news networks. Listening, resourcing and reaching out across communities of practice, the JA hosts conversations around questions publishers submit. Together, the community explores things like how others are building new business or distribution models to bring their products to market. Or what academic incubators are cooking up, emerging experiments unfolding in the field or the rich mulch composted from “failed” experiments that may seed new life. What happens when I ask a question?

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How can J-schools teach students the entrepreneurial skills necessary to succeed in the marketplace?

The strict separation between the practice and business of journalism is no longer sustainable. Although not every news and information provider may be running his or her own media enterprise, are students who learn business and marketing alongside reporting and writing better equipped to succeed in the field?

What is the potential impact of the proposed Senate resolution to repeal net neutrality regulations on the public’s ability to access news and information?

The implications of a world without net neutrality for online news Web sites and consumers are immense. This ‘tollbooth’ approach to Internet access would tend to favor larger companies, which could better afford to pay the bills for access. For giant media companies such as NBC/Comcast, it would make it easier to dominate smaller Internet startups. MSNBC and Fox News could afford to pay extra for the rapid delivery of rich, interactive media. This may not be the case for larger regional news sites, or smaller hyper local news innovators.

How are news-producing nonprofits raising up to 33 percent of their funding through underwriting?

While advertising is the standard revenue stream for traditional news organizations, underwriting is the nonprofit world’s mainstay. In most states, nonprofits can legally raise up to almost one-third of their operating budget from underwriting. What are some examples? What are the legal responsibilities?

What are some of the innovative ways journalists are using Web scraping to access and organize data?

Accessing information for reporting is easier than ever, but very little information comes in a structured form that lends itself to easy analysis. Reporters often are faced with lists or tables that aren’t so easily manipulated, which is where Web scraping comes in handy.

As mobile news consumption grows, how are news sites gearing up with a consistent user experience across technology devices?

News organizations are striving to find new ways to attract readers. The bar is high for savvy consumers, who don’t differentiate between the big brands and their preferred news sources. How are news innovators optimizing content for a great online and mobile experience?

How are news and information producers working together to deliver content across different news categories?

In the same way that newspapers have different sections of a paper, new media organizations are experimenting to serve an array of reader interests. Which kinds of partnerships, collaborations and aggregate methods are finding the greatest success and how is this success measured?

What sort of access and potential applications do journalists have for satellite-based systems like MODIS for reporting?

MODIS has been used in environmental journalism to track forest fires, substantiate deforestation claims and demonstrate destruction from the earthquake in Haiti. Since this is a particularly new technology, many possibilities for journalists remain unexplored.
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