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With journalism in the U.S. marketplace deeply disrupted, it’s as important as ever to have public policies that foster and protect a free press. On issues ranging from net neutrality to media ownership, innovators and advocates are working for policies that support journalism and the communities they serve.

What is the potential impact of the proposed Senate resolution to repeal net neutrality regulations on the public’s ability to access news and information?

The implications of a world without net neutrality for online news Web sites and consumers are immense. This ‘tollbooth’ approach to Internet access would tend to favor larger companies, which could better afford to pay the bills for access. For giant media companies such as NBC/Comcast, it would make it easier to dominate smaller Internet startups. MSNBC and Fox News could afford to pay extra for the rapid delivery of rich, interactive media. This may not be the case for larger regional news sites, or smaller hyper local news innovators.
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