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News and reporting is combining new technology to expand existing bonds within and across media markets, building stronger and more immediate connections with local communities. Journalists are also using these new tools to engage readers to add localized perspective in their reporting. With digital applications changing as fast as the news cycle, the secret sauce lies in the ability for newsmakers to scoop which technologies may up their yield. What’s working for others and what’s not?

How could collaboration increase revenue in journalism?

Building from the energy of a MediaShift/UC Berkeley Investigative Reporting Project event, this post-conference conversation sparks exploration of the business side of collaboration in journalism.

What kind of election coverage do you want to bring to your community in 2012?

The 2012 elections are already underway. For many publishers, elections present an opportunity to cement community ties – to go beyond horserace coverage, to tap into local knowledge and to root out information people are hungry to have before voting. How can news sites best respond to community needs around the election? What tools, resources, and collaborations are worth trying? What financial and ethical questions around elections do publishers want answered? This question has a lot of answers—to view by way of RSS, click here.

Which Seattle sites are re-defining digital news?

The 2011 State of the News Media report from Pew Research includes an essay I wrote about the vibrancy of Seattle’s emerging news landscape. I included a list of noteworthy sites that are redefining digital news in the Puget Sound region. My list was intended as just a start, which would grow as other people identify sites to include. What should we add and why? Useful additions will be gathered and republished in the Seattle Journalism Commons.

As mobile news consumption grows, how are news sites gearing up with a consistent user experience across technology devices?

News organizations are striving to find new ways to attract readers. The bar is high for savvy consumers, who don’t differentiate between the big brands and their preferred news sources. How are news innovators optimizing content for a great online and mobile experience?

What sort of access and potential applications do journalists have for satellite-based systems like MODIS for reporting?

MODIS has been used in environmental journalism to track forest fires, substantiate deforestation claims and demonstrate destruction from the earthquake in Haiti. Since this is a particularly new technology, many possibilities for journalists remain unexplored.
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