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JA Reports: 67 tips, tools and ideas for 2012 election coverage from our recent forum

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The December conversation on kickstarting 2012 election coverage was rich with models to mimic, tools to try, ideas to explore and much more for any publisher striving to serve fresh and meaningful election coverage. We have pulled more than five dozen useful tidbits from that forum, organized around three major themes: editorial, collaboration, and moneymaking.

Click on the “in forum” link to see the resource listed in context of the larger conversation – layered in dozens of illuminating exchanges. To go deeper – reach out and connect with the community members who shared their knowledge.

As you check out this list, comment below to share with others what has worked for you or how you anticipate reporting election coverage this coming year.

As always, the JA welcomes ideas for resources to share. We’d love to hear your top picks, based on your experience, from this collection the community has offered for others to consider. And your ideas for other things you think should be added to this list.


Forum Day 1 Editorial

Emily starts off day one of the forum with a conversation around Editorial. Photo by Lisa Skube.


Forum Day 3 Collaboration

Lisa and Nicole collaborate on the kick off banner for day two: Collaboration. Photo by Denise Cheng.


Forum Day 3 Money

The forum closes out on day three with the topic of Money. Photo by Denise Cheng.