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Low-tech, high impact: Storytelling with Calvin Trillin

With trademark wit and down-to-earth reality, narrative non-fiction icon Calvin Trillin shares tales and tips with students, scholars and working journos.

JA Resource Q&A: “See the documents that support fact-checks”

Quick tips on keeping the record straight with U.S. economic data: how to recognize squishy figures, provide direct documentation and offer much more than numbers alone.

Conversations for impact: New ethical considerations for political coverage

Can media, collectively, change the game of political reporting? Check out conversations on new approaches to increase accountability and accuracy, delivering information a democracy deserves.

Philosophy and practicalities: Can shared best practices free political coverage from “attack ads and pack journalism?”

Conversations on the JA about social accountability and trading anonymity for access to powerful sources opened up two of the many timely ethical issues that come up in political coverage. These are part of a collaboration with Kent State University that grows out of the 2012 Poynter Kent State media ethics workshop, which this year...

Ten hot ethical challenges facing political reporting in 2012

Ten key ethical challenges in political journalism heating up in the 2012 election year, from social to data to bringing more truth to the system.

Political coverage: Responsive and responsible? Help inform a best practices guide

How do you handle ethical dilemmas on the political beat? Help create a new Ethics Best Practices Guide to Political Coverage!

JA Resource Q&A: Sunlight’s Scout is “useful in an obvious way.”

Aiming to be useful and easy to use, Scout is a free tool for journalists and others to track policy as it's legislated and regulated. Read highlights of a live resource Q&A with Scout’s developer.

JA publisher profile with ProPublica’s Stephen Engelberg: “This may shake out to be a Golden Age of investigative reporting.”

“Sometimes you can get impact by reaching a lot of people, sometimes you get impact by reaching the right people.” ProPublica's Stephen Engelberg on purpose, money, and nonprofit news.

JA Use Case: Five steps to pave the way toward collaborative revenue

An investigative report reveals the complexities of collaboration in five basic steps, laying the groundwork for partnerships that could bring in joint revenue.

JA How-to: A four-step guerrilla guide to social listening

How to tap into the powerful promise of social listening: Four essential steps and tools to support each that won’t break the bank.
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