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“Promoting the effective administration of justice,” here’s a comprehensive, state-by-state guide to judicial elections, recall, campaign rules, selection methods, criteria and resources.

American Judicature Society’s Guides to Judicial Elections

In recent years, proposals have been introduced by legislators, governors, courts, and citizens’ groups in nearly every state to limit the role of politics in the selection of state judges.

The extent of these activities underscores the recognition that an independent judiciary is essential to the maintenance of public trust and confidence in the court system.

The American Judicature Society, through funding from the Open Society Institute, has contributed to these efforts by compiling comprehensive information on judicial selection processes in each of the fifty states and the District of Columbia. Topics covered include methods of selecting, retaining, and removing of judges; successful and unsuccessful reform efforts; the roles of parties, interest groups, and professional organizations in selecting judges; and the diversity of the bench.” Source: American Judicature Society’s Guides to Judicial Elections

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