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Local TV News: More potential than present value

Despite the proliferation of online sources, most Americans still rely on local TV to find out what’s happening in their communities, particularly during big, breaking news. But TV news is changing. Newsrooms are consolidating and stations downsizing. Some share or outsource reporting. We at the JA wondered how local TV has changed to inform and...

What is your exit strategy?

Journalism Accelerator (JA) brings a different kind of service model to market; we are taking the approach as entrepreneurs launching a startup. As the JA has sought expertise from the field, we’ve had the good fortune of some top notch consulting from Rusty Coats. Rusty is a new media news business thought leader with deep...

An interview with Mike Fancher, author of “Re-Imagining Journalism: Local News for a Networked World”

Across the field of journalism we’ve had an “information infusion” from a broad range of sources over the summer. Analysis, review and reporting from the likes of PEW, Knight, the Economist, Clay Shirky, the FCC’s recent 450+ page report furthering the analysis Knight Foundation started two years ago, and CJR’s recent write up “What We...

The Spokesman-Review’s Ryan Pitts on Web Scraping

The Spokesman-Review’s Ryan Pitts offers his take on how and when they gain value from Web scraping.

Common Language Project’s Jessica Partnow on Teaching Entrepreneurship

Jessica Partnow’s shares how she helps students create success for themselves and their communities in the new media news landscape.

The Register-Guard’s John Heasly on Web Scraping

Courtesy matters, when Web scraping is necessary, design scripts that honor the source.

Seattle Public Library Fuels Seattle’s News and Information Ecosystem

Marsha Iverson is the King County Library’s public relations specialist. Iverson outlines how libraries offer valuable data, and access to top notch fact checking, as a free service available to all news and information producers.

New Media Landscape; Matt Rosenberg’s Take on Building Credibility

Matt Rosenberg offers how news sites are accelerating their support base by creating a connection with readers, building a community and establishing partnerships.

Sara Shipley Hiles on Enriched Narrative with Geo-Mapping

There's been tremendous advances in geo-mapping since 2003 when Sara Shipley Hiles investigated flood plain development in St. Louis and how it's regulated using satellite images.

Intersect’s Monica Guzman on Innovation, Time & Story

Intersect's innovation in storytelling masters the fourth dimension; time.
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