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JA forum on revenue and collaboration: Seasoned perspective illuminates possibility

Is collaboration in journalism a bonding or a business relationship? Two journalists running nonprofit startups offer sharp insights, experience, and imagination.

Niche news publishing: “No one shoe fits all.”

Go deep, not wide, in content and audience. That’s my quick overall takeaway from today, Day Two of our forum on sustainable journalism. Today’s conversation focused on particular opportunities for niche sites. Let’s start with this question, and a thanks to the Oregonian News Network’s Cornelius Swart for posing it: Who if any have done...

Niche Perspective: Publisher forum February 29th examines revenue, collaboration and syndication

Niche news startups have unique advantages and particular challenges in the pursuit of sustainable revenue. Meet publishers featured in the sustainable journalism forum and compare notes.

2012: The year of the prosperous publisher

The Chinese calendar predicted high risks and rewards in 2012, the celebrated Year of the Dragon. As this year wraps up, check out what a range of leaders working for sustainability in the news business expected, and share what you learned in 2012.

New JA Feature: Tweets for Keeps

A best of the weekly tweet beat, from our stream to yours. Plus handy tips and links how to break the twitter code and join the conversation.

JA Reports: 67 tips, tools and ideas for 2012 election coverage from our recent forum

Open Secrets predicts 2012 election spending to top $6B, up a billion since just '08. For you: a wealth of resources from the December JA forum to strengthen your election coverage and up your game.

Stories, engagement and money: Practical tips from the JA election 2012 forum

We went into last week’s forum suspecting the 2012 election offers fresh opportunities for local news sites to shine. Based on the ideas and on-the-ground experiences participants shared, we came out convinced. Evelyn Larrubia, editorial director of the Investigative News Network, wrote this in the forum: …newspapers across the country are not doing as thorough...

JA reports: The Value of Local TV News forum goals and performance

A central part of the JA’s mission is to gather voices together online around common questions news producers share. Community needs and JA program values guide our work hosting forums. These values include a high degree of transparency and accountability to you and the growing JA community, because we believe it’s valuable to share what...

Forum First Takes: Local TV News

Got more to say about the value and potential of local TV news? The forum remains open. For some starter background, read this interview with Mark Platte, news director of Hawaii News Now, and this interview with Josh Stearns and Libby Reinish of Free Press/Change the Channels campaign. Last week we asked you: What is...

Local TV News: The beauty of immediacy

Despite the proliferation of online sources, most Americans still rely on the TV when they want local news. In Hawaii, Mark Platte plays a big role in creating that local news. As news director of Hawaii News Now, Platte oversees newscasts on three of the five stations with local newscasts. We  found Mark when we...
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