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Seattle Public Library Fuels Seattle’s News and Information Ecosystem

King County Library

King County Library

An Interview with King County Library’s Marsha Iverson by JA’s Caitlin Giddings

“With ownership of information, you have vested interest in it.”

Iverson says when thinking of credibility, it really comes down to who owns the information that is being shared, and who is shaping it. Marsha Iverson is the Public Relations Specialist for King County Library Systems in Seattle, Wa. She is heavily invested in the Pacific Northwest Community and has developed a passion for library sciences and community journalism. She also runs the KCLS NewsRoom, which offers resources and services for journalists. We contacted Marsha recently to get her thoughts on newly established websites and credibility.

By teaming up with local public libraries, websites can do a lot to boost their credibility.

Libraries have established credibility and act as advocates to access information from all sides of a situation. They have access to information that is valid and verified through databases, explains Iverson. Plus, she says, the fundamental purpose of libraries if that the information is available to everyone for no additional cost.

It’s important to keep in mind how people screen websites for objectivity and bias, she says. People who have a vested interest in how a new website is posting facts have the ability to review searchable databases to verify factual information.

Iverson believes it is necessary for newly established sites to have a way of evaluating the sources that are cited in the posted information. The goal is to be mindful of what is going to bring users back to the site.

Partnering with libraries offers journalists an efficient and comprehensive method of fact-checking information, as well as locating primary sources.”