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The Journalism Accelerator resource section features what other news producers have used, applications to up productivity across distribution, technology, revenue, craft, community, experiments, education and policy. We’re also collecting (and welcoming your recommended) resource listings from other industries that may help publishers gain efficiency.
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Journalism That Matters Pacific Northwest

Ten initiatives were either spawned or invigorated at the Journalism That Matters Pacific Northwest gathering in January 2009. Slightly more than a year later, nine of those are moving forward. The initiatives, with links to their current status, are: JTMPNW Collaboratory is an ongoing initiative to encourage experimentation and collaboration to improve the news and...


Instivate is a technology innovator headquartered in Seattle’s Central District. It offers technology for online content and advertising, audience measurement and local blogging. Instivate is the parent company of Neighborlogs, a Seattle-based community news blogging platform and ad-sharing network that was launched in June 2007. “Neighborlogs is a free, hosted placeblogging platform with an integrated...


InvestigateWest says it “rose from the ashes of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer” but prides itself on not being “limited by those roots.” Founded in July 2009, it is a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigative and narrative journalism whose mission statement says, in part: The old model for supporting and conducting public service journalism has collapsed. Thousands of traditional...


Intersect is a place to celebrate and share stories of all kinds from throughout our lives – past, present, and future. Stories are the way we connect with each other, find common ground, and communicate values. At Intersect, we love stories— from the silly and fun to the deeply meaningful. Our goal is to make...

Founded in 1998, HistoryLink calls itself the “free online encyclopedia of Washington State History” and says it is “the first and largest encyclopedia of community history created expressly for the Internet.” With more than 5,550 original, sourced essays as of March 2010, it is an incredible public resource. The nonprofit site says it serves an...


The purpose of Data.Seattle.Gov is to increase public access to high value, machine-readable datasets generated by various departments of Seattle City Government.” Source: Data.Seattle.Gov

What’s at Stake? Public Access to News and Information

A brief overview of the issue by JA’s Tram Whitehurst On February 16, several Republican Senators introduce a resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act to repeal net neutrality regulations adopted by the Federal Communications Commission last year. The following day, the House of Representatives voted to prevent the FCC from implementing the controversial...

Web Scraping 411

Accessing information to support reporting is easier than ever. Governments and corporations publish countless bytes of data online so web scrapers can use a rotating residential proxy to gather the data that’s relevant to them. But very little information comes in a structured form that lends itself to easy analysis. Reporters often are faced with...

Common Language Project

The Common Language Project is a new-media nonprofit with a mission to engage, educate and inform Americans of all ages on the crucial human issues of our time through innovative and accessible journalism.
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