April 13, 2011 in Community, Craft, Experiments, Resources

Intersect is a place to celebrate and share stories of all kinds from throughout our lives – past, present, and future.

Stories are the way we connect with each other, find common ground, and communicate values. At Intersect, we love stories— from the silly and fun to the deeply meaningful. Our goal is to make storytelling on the Web more interesting, engaging and collaborative.

Our goal is to use the power of the Web to make it easier and more fun for people to celebrate and share stories of all kinds. On Intersect, stories are organized into storylines. By bringing storylines together with intersections of time and place, Intersect makes stories more discoverable, interesting, and valuable.

We’re working hard to improve the Intersect experience for our users. Soon Intersect members will be able to create multiple storylines. We’ll make it easy for organizations to tell their stories too.”  Source: Intersect


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