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Journalism That Matters Pacific Northwest

Ten initiatives were either spawned or invigorated at the Journalism That Matters Pacific Northwest gathering in January 2009. Slightly more than a year later, nine of those are moving forward. The initiatives, with links to their current status, are:

  • JTMPNW Collaboratory is an ongoing initiative to encourage experimentation and collaboration to improve the news and information health of communities in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Puget Sound Civic Communications Commons is an effort to enhance civic engagement in neighborhoods, communities, the non-profit sector, government and business. It is undertaking three pilot projects in 2011.
  • Public Eye Northwest is an independent nonprofit entity that says it is designed “to boost digital civic literacy, build community news creation capacity, and best practices in voluntary government transparency.”
  • Online Media Guide is under development by the Washington News Council as a means of mapping the state’s news and information ecosystem.
  • JTMPNW Journalism Commons is developing as a clearinghouse of information and engagement on journalistic needs and opportunities in the Northwest.
  • Seattle Digital Literacy Initiative says it aims “to help empower youth in our region as educated consumers and critics of – and producers and participants in – today’s complex media landscape.”
  • Journalism That Matters explores ways to improve global health journalism in the Northwest.
  • JTM Online assists Journalism That Matters members by providing social networking technologies including member profiles, a searchable / sort-able members directory, friend connections, and public and private messaging between members.
  • The “TAO of Journalism Seal” was developed by the Washington News Council to encourage news sites to emphasize Transparency, Accountability and Openness.


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