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Technology innovation in place-based content and advertising.


Instivate is a technology innovator headquartered in Seattle’s Central District. It offers technology for online content and advertising, audience measurement and local blogging.

Instivate is the parent company of Neighborlogs, a Seattle-based community news blogging platform and ad-sharing network that was launched in June 2007.

“Neighborlogs is a free, hosted placeblogging platform with an integrated local advertising service,” it says. “It is designed for local content entrepreneurs and organizations to document the news and information that matters most in their communities and gives local businesses a relevant, engaged audience for their advertising messages.”

More recently Instivate announced it would focus exclusively on its local ad network in Seattle, its advertising tools and its data services. “We’ll be continuing with our local and regional ad sales efforts,” it said, “and helping all of the existing members of that network to better monetize their great local content.”

Source: Journalism Accelerator

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