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April 14, 2011 in Community, Craft, Experiments, Resources

Founded in January 2009, PubliCola is a blog about Seattle written by journalists who are dedicated to non-partisan, original daily reporting that prioritizes a balanced approach to news. Started by longtime local editor and award-winning reporter Josh Feit, PubliCola is the first online-only news site in state history to get media credentials to cover the state capitol.

PubliCola was off and running. In June 2009, PubliCola hired another award-winning journalist, super-sourced Seattle city hall reporter Erica C. Barnett.

People were afraid that blogging would change journalism. Instead, we believe journalism can change blogging. 21st-Century journalism may look and feel different, and yes Erica isn’t afraid to get cranky, but we’re committed to making sure online news still delivers independent, reliable, even-keeled coverage. And most of all, we’re committed to making sure the coverage sparks honest civic debate.

Bringing you cola for the people, PubliCola is named after Publius Valerius PubliCola, the alias for the authors of the Federalist Papers—the original bloggers.”   Source: PubliCola

Next Door Media

April 14, 2011 in Community, Craft, Experiments, Resources

Next Door Media is a network of ten trusted neighborhood news sites and a regional portal in the North Seattle area, the first of its kind in the country and the most-trafficked in the city.

Founded in Ballard in early 2008 by two longtime journalists, Kate and Cory Bergman, Next Door Media is committed to creating a community-powered approach to local journalism while providing sustainable value for advertisers.

Unlike many blogs, Next Door Media’s sites are authored by experienced journalists who produce original, objective news coverage. Next Door Media’s won a 2009 Online Journalism Award for community collaboration, beating the LA Times and Miami Herald for the award. And won the national Sigma Delta Chi Award from the Society of Professional Journalists for deadline reporting.”  Source: Next Door Media


April 14, 2011 in Community, Experiments, Resources, Technology

Seattle-based Newsvine, Inc. was launched in March 2006 by a small team of like-minded colleagues with one purpose: to build a perfectly different, perfectly efficient way to read, write, and interact with the news.

Founded by veterans of Disney, ESPN, and other media organizations, the mission of Newsvine is to bring together big and little media in a way which respects established journalism and empowers the individual at the same time.

At Newsvine, you can read stories from established media organizations like the Associated Press and ESPN as well as individual contributors from all around the world. Placement of stories is determined by a multitude of factors including freshness, popularity, and reputation. Contribution is open to all, and editorial judgement is in the hands of the community.

Newsvine became a wholly-owned subsidiary of MSNBC Interactive News ( on October 5, 2007.”  Source: Newsvine

April 14, 2011 in Community, Resources, Technology

The news on is mostly from the Associated Press. The blogs are from three Bonneville broadcast outlets – News Talk 97.3 KIRO FM, 770 KTTH The Truth talk radio, and 710 ESPN Seattle.

Journalism That Matters Pacific Northwest

April 13, 2011 in Community, Craft, Experiments, Resources

Ten initiatives were either spawned or invigorated at the Journalism That Matters Pacific Northwest gathering in January 2009. Slightly more than a year later, nine of those are moving forward. The initiatives, with links to their current status, are:

  • JTMPNW Collaboratory is an ongoing initiative to encourage experimentation and collaboration to improve the news and information health of communities in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Puget Sound Civic Communications Commons is an effort to enhance civic engagement in neighborhoods, communities, the non-profit sector, government and business. It is undertaking three pilot projects in 2011.
  • Public Eye Northwest is an independent nonprofit entity that says it is designed “to boost digital civic literacy, build community news creation capacity, and best practices in voluntary government transparency.”
  • Online Media Guide is under development by the Washington News Council as a means of mapping the state’s news and information ecosystem.
  • JTMPNW Journalism Commons is developing as a clearinghouse of information and engagement on journalistic needs and opportunities in the Northwest.
  • Seattle Digital Literacy Initiative says it aims “to help empower youth in our region as educated consumers and critics of – and producers and participants in – today’s complex media landscape.”
  • Journalism That Matters explores ways to improve global health journalism in the Northwest.
  • JTM Online assists Journalism That Matters members by providing social networking technologies including member profiles, a searchable / sort-able members directory, friend connections, and public and private messaging between members.
  • The “TAO of Journalism Seal” was developed by the Washington News Council to encourage news sites to emphasize Transparency, Accountability and Openness.



April 13, 2011 in Community, Craft, Experiments, Resources

InvestigateWest says it “rose from the ashes of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer” but prides itself on not being “limited by those roots.” Founded in July 2009, it is a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigative and narrative journalism whose mission statement says, in part:

The old model for supporting and conducting public service journalism has collapsed. Thousands of traditional journalism jobs have simply vanished in this region, and along with them the opportunity for the kind of in-depth, investigative reporting and memorable storytelling that keeps citizens engaged and informed about changes shaping their lives.

InvestigateWest continues the reporting essential to democracy. Our passion for investigative journalism is paired with the ambition to find and connect with new audiences using the new tools of the digital revolution now available to journalists. Investigative reporting and storytelling takes time, resources and talent that many traditional news outlets can no longer afford.

InvestigateWest was started by a group of accomplished journalists with a track record of producing investigative stories and, with them, change in public policy and corporate practice. Our mission is to cut across the old media borders to reach and engage audiences by new and powerful means. We harness the synergies of the printed word with the evocative power of photography, video and audio to produce reports used and distributed by a wide variety of news organizations, whether online, print, television or radio.

InvestigateWest is led by executive director and editor Rita Hibbard, formerly an assistant managing editor and investigative editor at the P-I. It got a $100,000 grant from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation in February 2010 and another in February 2011. Other funders include the Brainerd Foundation, the Bullitt Foundation, the Russell Family Foundation and the Fund for Investigative Journalism. It also solicits finds from the public.

More than 20 national and regional media partners, including,, The Seattle and The Oregonian, have distributed its work.

The Columbia Journalism Review published a first anniversary review of InvestigateWest, which it called “new pioneers of the west.”


April 13, 2011 in Community, Craft, Experiments, Resources

Intersect is a place to celebrate and share stories of all kinds from throughout our lives – past, present, and future.

Stories are the way we connect with each other, find common ground, and communicate values. At Intersect, we love stories— from the silly and fun to the deeply meaningful. Our goal is to make storytelling on the Web more interesting, engaging and collaborative.

Our goal is to use the power of the Web to make it easier and more fun for people to celebrate and share stories of all kinds. On Intersect, stories are organized into storylines. By bringing storylines together with intersections of time and place, Intersect makes stories more discoverable, interesting, and valuable.

We’re working hard to improve the Intersect experience for our users. Soon Intersect members will be able to create multiple storylines. We’ll make it easy for organizations to tell their stories too.”  Source: Intersect

April 6, 2011 in Community, Resources

Founded in 1998, HistoryLink calls itself the “free online encyclopedia of Washington State History” and says it is “the first and largest encyclopedia of community history created expressly for the Internet.” With more than 5,550 original, sourced essays as of March 2010, it is an incredible public resource. The nonprofit site says it serves an average of 5,000 unique visitors a day, one third of whom are K-12 teachers and students.