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What is your exit strategy?

Journalism Accelerator (JA) brings a different kind of service model to market; we are taking the approach as entrepreneurs launching a startup. As the JA has sought expertise from the field, we’ve had the good fortune of some top notch consulting from Rusty Coats. Rusty is a new media news business thought leader with deep...

Community Publisher Profile: The Terminal, Birmingham, AL

An inside perspective from publisher Andre Natta on making the transition from a community news start up to a sustainable news business.

Secret or special sauce? Seattle locals weigh in

The Seattle Journalism Commons (SJC) and the Journalism Accelerator (JA) came together this past week in Seattle to host a conversation with a number of emerging news and publishing innovators. What might we learn from some of these publishers about what is happening in Seattle’s vibrant news and information scene? Why is Seattle a media...

Ecosystem impact: the Patch Effect continued

Last week we posted the first section of a larger conversation we had earlier this year with a number of hyperlocal editors from east, west and middle sections of the country: Inspired by the Block by Block event held last year in Chicago in September, there was a lot of discussion about Patch’s entry into the community...

Ecosystem impact: hyperlocal publishers share early impressions on the Patch migration

This past year I was at the University of Missouri, where as an RJI fellow I had the privilege to work with a mix of recent J-school graduates, undergrads and masters students. Inspired by the Block by Block event held last year in Chicago in September, there was a lot of discussion about Patch’s entry...

The Journalism Accelerator serving up capacity in uncertain times

In last week’s companion post, Virtual variety served daily: the Journalism Accelerator cafeteria, we stated: We think the combined experience of the JA crew may add some practical value from other areas, like online organizing and nonprofit tactics, marketing and branding, mining social data to optimize content, outreach and building social currency. This post offers...

Virtual variety served daily: the Journalism Accelerator cafeteria

Cooking up a project, especially when doing things that haven’t been done before, is both a creative and measured exercise.  As the game has largely gone digital, getting work done often seems like a moving target. What worked yesterday doesn’t work next week. In the print world, publishing was done once the ink was dry;...

Intersect’s Monica Guzman on Innovation, Time & Story

Intersect's innovation in storytelling masters the fourth dimension; time.

Common Language Project’s Sarah Stuteville on Collaboration

Collaboration looks different in Seattle. The JA team wanted to learn more, so we reached out to one of the region's recognized innovators, Common Language Project's Sarah Stuteville.
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