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Pew Report: The Search for a New Business Model, How Newspapers Are Faring Trying to Build Digital Revenue

March 11, 2012 in Distribution, Revenue, Technology

A new study, which combines detailed proprietary data from individual newspapers with in-depth interviews at more than a dozen major media companies, finds that the search for a new revenue model to revive the newspaper industry is making only halting progress but that some individual newspapers are faring much better than the industry overall and may provide signs of a path forward.

In general, the shift to replace losses in print ad revenue with new digital revenue is taking longer and proving more difficult than executives want and at the current rate most newspapers continue to contract with alarming speed, according to the study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. Cultural inertia is a major factor. Most papers are not putting significant effort into the new digital revenue categories that, while small now, are expected to provide most the growth in the future. To different degrees, executives predict newsrooms will continue to shrink, more papers will close and many surviving papers will deliver a print edition only a few days a week.

But some papers are performing quite differently than the norm, some much better and some far worse. These variances suggest that the future of newspapers, rather than being determined entirely by sweeping trends, can be significantly affected by company culture and management-even at papers of quite different sizes.” Source: Pew’s Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism

eMedia Vitals: Life Beyond Print

March 11, 2012 in Distribution, Revenue, Technology

eMedia Vitals is an ad-supported online publication that serves print media executives who are transitioning their business to emedia. Our management and editorial team are media industry veterans with extensive operating experience in companies such as IDG, Penton Media and Though we are often asked to consult on emedia strategy by magazine and newspaper companies, we are not a consulting firm.

With print advertising revenue dropping faster than it can be replaced by emedia, magazine and newspaper publishers need to accelerate the transition to digital. eMedia Vitals delivers a combination of filtered content from around the web with proprietary video, reference and how-to content, all focused on helping publishers grow their online business.

eMedia Vitals is published by Vital Business Media, a startup media company that is creating a new kind of targeted, online community for professionals in a variety of industries. By utilizing a unique, personalized approach to content and advertising, we offer a receptive and mutually beneficial environment for our readers and our marketing partners.” Source: eMedia Vitals

Local Perspective: Publisher forum February 28th explores news, revenue and place

February 22, 2012 in Blog, Community, Revenue

Journalism Accelerator

On Tuesday, February 28th, Day One of the JA forum on sustainable journalism kicks off with the stories of two local news sites. The publishers have experienced different successes and challenges, but share at least one goal: build a product that serves the community and pays for itself.

We’re bringing together a balance of publishers and business experts to trade information and knowledge about increasing the revenue of digital news sites. The forum is an online conversation designed as “call and response” – we’ll hear stories of a few publishers then invite other people with relevant experience to share insights, offer suggestions and challenge assumptions.  Read the rest of this entry →

April 14, 2011 in Distribution, Experiments, Resources, Revenue

[In 2011], the Seattle Post-Intelligencer published its last print edition and became an online-only publication. As news organizations experiment with new business models, Hearst’s experience in Seattle may offer lessons.

In a piece last year about the change, Executive Producer Michelle Nicolosi asked, “Is it possible to run an online-only local news site that serves a city’s readers well while turning a profit?”

Linda Thomas of KIRO-FM spoke with Hearst Seattle Media General Manager Pat Balles and reported that the site is not yet profitable:

“[Balles] says they’re on track to make a profit, though he won’t say when. Hearst Corporation is a privately-held company, and [Balles] says stock holders will be the first to know when they’ve turned the corner…

“We are optimistic with the progress made,” Balles told me, “and encouraged by the feedback we are getting from clients on how we are meeting/exceeding expectations with their online campaigns on the SeattlePI, Yahoo, Facebook, Zillow and Search Engine Marketing.”