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2012: The year of the prosperous publisher

The Chinese calendar predicted high risks and rewards in 2012, the celebrated Year of the Dragon. As this year wraps up, check out what a range of leaders working for sustainability in the news business expected, and share what you learned in 2012.

New JA Feature: Tweets for Keeps

A best of the weekly tweet beat, from our stream to yours. Plus handy tips and links how to break the twitter code and join the conversation.

JA Reports: 67 tips, tools and ideas for 2012 election coverage from our recent forum

Open Secrets predicts 2012 election spending to top $6B, up a billion since just '08. For you: a wealth of resources from the December JA forum to strengthen your election coverage and up your game.

Stories, engagement and money: Practical tips from the JA election 2012 forum

We went into last week’s forum suspecting the 2012 election offers fresh opportunities for local news sites to shine. Based on the ideas and on-the-ground experiences participants shared, we came out convinced. Evelyn Larrubia, editorial director of the Investigative News Network, wrote this in the forum: …newspapers across the country are not doing as thorough...

JA forum day 3: Iteration, refinements, get the RSS feed

This is a quick post for the community, reporting out real time on what’s been developing in the forum over the past couple of days. We convened the conversation in slices: Day one the forum explored collaboration, yesterday we dove into collaboration, today the final segment of this conversation addresses money. The content stream contributors are generously offering insights, curiosity, tools, experience, suggestions, hopes, and frustrations around the question in play. And behind the scenes, crucially, we’re tracking how this is all unfolding.

JA reports: TV forum results and what’s next

There is conversation for conversation’s sake, and there is conversation with purpose. JA forums are designed to be relevant, interesting, informative, and useful. In this final of three posts analyzing our recent forum on the Value of Local TV News, we explore a set of tangible artifacts we’ve distilled from the conversation, and envision how...

Engagement is not a spectator sport: Value of Local TV Report 2

Each JA forum comes to life through a community outreach campaign. In this post, we show how we do this engagement work. We hope you might be able to mulch some of this back into your own work – that this behind-the-scenes view inspires your own ideas on how to deepen your community relationships. First,...

Election 2012: Are local publishers the secret weapon?

What kind of 2012 election coverage do you want to bring your readers? Next week the JA presents a curated online forum designed to help maximize the yield of local election coverage by exploring tools, techniques and collaborations aimed at deeper community engagement. We’ll talk about money too – advertisers are increasingly training their campaign...

Login, profiles and authentication: JanRain, the Journalism Accelerator and you

Transparency around how we are tackling technology, building community and enabling connection is a core value of the Journalism Accelerator. Our intention is to clarify the thinking behind the JA’s authentication process, so you can feel informed in your decision to participate on the site. And be comfortable knowing what information you are sharing with...

The Seattle Interactive Conference: Jacob Caggiano’s big questions

In my first post on the Seattle Interactive Conference, I went over some locally developed tools designed to make information more relevant and insightful. Mobile apps like Trover, which allows geo-discovery through photos, and Evri, which organizes ~15,000 news feeds into a friendly iPad interface, are useful on an individual level. But my concern is:...
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