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Secret or special sauce? Seattle locals weigh in

The Seattle Journalism Commons (SJC) and the Journalism Accelerator (JA) came together this past week in Seattle to host a conversation with a number of emerging news and publishing innovators. What might we learn from some of these publishers about what is happening in Seattle’s vibrant news and information scene? Why is Seattle a media...

Tweetup 411: What they are & how they work

As many publishers are trying to figure out how to get 29 hours out of a 24 hour day, this post offers more context on how others are using Tweetups, and for those unfamiliar with what a Tweetup is, a general overview of how these things work, so you can assess if it may, or...

Journalism connection project teaches how to fail forward

About the Author A journalist for 25 years and an editor for 15 years, Janet Coats has focused on newsroom innovation and emerging media platforms. She is now the initiative manager for New Media Journalism, a Patterson Foundation initiative. The Patterson Foundation’s involvement in the Journalism Accelerator began strictly by chance. And it is that...

The Spokesman-Review’s Ryan Pitts on Web Scraping

The Spokesman-Review’s Ryan Pitts offers his take on how and when they gain value from Web scraping.

The Register-Guard’s John Heasly on Web Scraping

Courtesy matters, when Web scraping is necessary, design scripts that honor the source.

Dan Gillmor on Teaching Entrepreneurship and the Startup Culture

Dan Gilmore, Director of the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, shares his take.

Alki event helps inform Journalism Accelerator experiment

Seattle news practitioners and news support vendors weigh in on what's working, what they need and the methods they use for serving up information to the Puget Sound community.
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