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Project Argo: A collection of tools and best practices for building topic focused sites in WordPress

March 26, 2012 in Distribution, Experiments, Resources, Technology

On this site you’ll find tools and best practices developed by our team of bloggers, editors and technologists over more than a year of daily, full-time blogging on twelve websites. Our aim was to build a system that would help a single blogger produce a robust, attractive website day after day. If you’re building a website that will feature frequent topical posts in a variety of media types, the tools we’ve built and the lessons we’ve learned are yours to use and extend.

Sites across the Argo Network are powered by WordPress, an open-source publishing platform. The technology was chosen in part to ensure that the themes, features and functionality of the Argo Platform could be easily used by individuals and others wishing to quickly build and launch topic-focused blogs. We encourage you to download and extend the tools in the Argo Platform, read through the tips and lessons we provide, and let us know what you think.

Overall, the sites share several key characteristics: frequent publishing, often with several posts a day; robust use of images; and a mix of curatorial and original material. Any topic-focused site that matches these criteria might benefit from our methods, themes or plugins.” Source:

Copyblogger: WordPress Design, Traffic, and Conversion Solutions

February 24, 2012 in Craft, Resources, Revenue

People want valuable online content, so compelling content becomes advertising that actually works. And using the right words in an engaging, persuasive way (that’s copywriting) determines not only how well your site converts visitors into sales, but also how much social media traffic you get and how well you rank in search engines.

Delivering quality online content is the smartest strategy for growing your business online, so it’s your copywriting and content marketing skills that will set you apart for success.

Copyblogger is all about helping you:

  • get traffic
  • attract links
  • increase subscribers
  • grow revenue and profits!

Join the over 155,000 people who get free and fresh Copyblogger knowledge as soon as it’s published.” Source: Copyblogger