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August 2, 2013 in Resources, Technology

PauPress began back in 2006 when we started to code sites in WordPress for non-profits and start-ups. In 2010 it started to take shape as we built out a suite of functions for a number of large sites that had a demand for an integrated, professional platform to manage both their content and their audience. Since then it’s been a staple of our production environments for both large and small organizations alike. The concept was pretty simple — provide CRM functionality without all the baggage, headaches and costs so that social missions and creative endeavors could do more with less.

“We are Frank and Karoline Neville-Hamilton and we’ve been doing this sort of work online for non-profits and creative individuals since the late 90′s. We’ve worked with clients as large as the WorldBank and the United Nations and we’ve worked with endeavors as small as sites for our close friends who have taken the leap into self-employment. We’d like to think that that broad range of experience gives us a really good perspective on how solid business practices can be simplified and applied so that everyone can grow to do what they do best.” Source: PauPress

“With PauPress you can easily add and arrange as many custom fields to your user’s profiles as you need, set advanced permissions and then search those fields to find commonalities or differences. You can create as many contact forms as you like from your existing user fields and track detailed user activity with an intuitive note system. These are the basics of any CRM (contact relationship management) application and PauPress does it all with the ease and simplicity of WordPress.

“Need to do more? With the pro version, you get front-end user registration and account management, searching of user activity, bulk editing of users & actions, import user data, a full-featured e-commerce solution for purchases and donations, an email marketing engine that integrates with MailChimp, Google Maps, User-generated content and Membership restricted access — all integrated into the same application for a seamless user interface that just works.” Source:

NTEN and M+R Strategic Services Annual Benchmark Study

September 15, 2011 in Resources, Revenue, Technology

“The eNonprofit Benchmarks Study is the first of its kind to look at the effectiveness of major American nonprofits using the Internet to raise money and influence public policy. Nonprofits can use this study to measure and compare their online performance to other organizations.

The study provides a snapshot of key metrics and benchmarks for nonprofit online communications, including email fundraising and advocacy. To develop these metrics, M+R Strategic Services analyzed data from three sources: (a) nonprofit study partners, 15 key national nonprofits in the environmental, civil/legal rights-based, and international aid sectors, which had substantial online communications and marketing programs; (b) aggregate data from Convio, GetActive Software, and Kintera, major providers of online communications tools for nonprofits; and (c) an online survey of the broader nonprofit community with 85 respondents.

Most data came from drilling down into hundreds of email messages sent by the 15 study partners to their email list members over 2 years—from September 2003 to September 2005. We coded statistics for these messages by nonprofit type (environmental, rights-based, or international aid) and then sorted them into message-type categories (including advocacy, fundraising, e-news, and other).

The study has chapters on return on investment, email messaging, email list growth, email list composition, online advocacy, and online fund-raising. One of the study’s most revealing chapters—with regard to measuring the quality and effectiveness of announcements to nonprofit organizations’ email subscriber lists—is on email messaging metrics.” Source: Harvard Family Research Project