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Storify adds social dimension to live forum: Can collaboration in journalism increase revenue?

JA Storify

The Collab / Space 2012 event unfolded on the JA in an online conversation. Our storify thread captures its essence.

Journalism Accelerator


The extended conversation with live outreach exploring collaboration and revenue wrapped up at the end of April. Some highlights: examples from the trenches of small startups, the view from a highly collaborative foundation, exploration of the up and downsides of working with other news organizations, emerging thinking about framing consumer rights as directly correlated to accurate news, and a debate over whether journalistic collaboration even SHOULD aim to increase revenue. The discussion thread includes three live chats: Co-founder of the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting Trevor Aaronson and executive director of San Francisco Public Press Michael Stoll compared their experiencesKeith Hammonds of Ashoka’s News & Knowledge Initiative offered how-tos and examples of collaborations structured with revenue in mind and Michael Skoler, VP of digital for Public Radio International provided a wealth of ideas on to integrate collaboration and revenue. Read the entire thread here or take a shortcut with our Storify thread for an overview of the highlights.