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Publishers taking part in the recent JA forums on increasing revenue to news sites created a dynamic conversation. And since it was on JA’s forum platform designed with a shelf life, all that shared knowledge is still available for you. Both threads – on local and on niche news sites – generated around 300 comments, with nearly 50 participants over the couple day run. The threads are well worth a read. Here we have organized and indexed much of the conversation to surface the richness of these ideas, insights and hard earned experience so it’s easy for you to peruse by topic.

Read what you need now; come back when you are looking for something else. And remember, one of the greatest resources here is the people who were involved. Just click on anyone’s name to find out more about that person, including how to connect.

The aim of our double-header forum was to create a record of some of the knowledge that news publishers have built up, many working several years in a disrupted market. The focus: how to make money in the new world of news. We divided the two-day conversation into two streams, local news and niche news sites. If any consensus emerged, it is this: Know your audience first. Then figure out which of the many possible sources of revenue works to engage them.

And there are plenty of possible sources. The Index of Emerging Practices, below, jumps you to publisher experience with different revenue streams, from Advertising through Underwriting.

The How-Tos offers insight on business basics like developing a financial model and hiring sales staff.

Philosophical Discussions links directly to intense back-and-forths on the forum pages (where you can still comment).

Quotable Moments offers you a list of sentiments and affirmations publishers offer as reminders or cautions.

As always, rebut, affirm, add your own experience and please let us know if you try some of these practices and how they work out for you.

Emerging practices across revenue streams:

How-tos of business basics:

Business models | Tracking demographics | Finding good freelancers | Doing or managing sales | Staying sane | Saving money | Selling new ideas

Philosophical discussions:

Media consolidation and democracy | Why the Texas Tribune is so successful and why the Chicago News Coop failed | Whether independent sites gain or lose by partnering with legacy news outlets | Convincing readers that news isn’t free.

Quotable moments:

A selection of smart ideas for stimulation and inspiration.