YouTube Creator Playbook

January 12, 2012 in Craft, Distribution, Resources, Technology

Welcome to the first edition of the YouTube Creator Playbook! We’re excited to provide Partners and creators with a new resource that compiles important tips, best practices, and strategies to build greater audiences on YouTube. The YouTube Creator Playbook will also be updated as new features are released and new tips are uncovered, so be sure to check back frequently…

There Are No Rules to Making Great Content!

The Creator Playbook is not a collection of rules or guaranteed ʻtricksʼ to get more views. Instead, it presents best practices, optimization tips, and suggested strategies for building audience and engagement on YouTube. We’ve tried to frame our suggestions and tips to encourage a variety of uses and to encourage creators to innovate and develop their own approach.” Source: YouTube Creator Playbook


“Finding success on YouTube can often be a difficult thing to do. There are tons of different variables that can make or break your video — whether it’s a 15-second clip or something you consider a masterpiece.

Luckily, YouTube itself is here to help. They’ve produced a little-known bible for content creators, the YouTube Creator Playbook.

This is not a playbook for beginners. It includes tips for engagement, uses terms like “tent-pole programming” and gives a detailed look at YouTube’s analytics package.

Also included are tips about metadata, thumbnail optimization as well as the best ways to push YouTube videos on other social media platforms.” Source: 10,000 Words

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  1. At ROFLcon 2, The maker of “David After Dentist” ( reported to have brought in close to six figures in YouTube revenue, just from uploading that one video of his son hopped up on nitrous. I find it crazy to believe that there’s enough people out there who intentionally click on the annoying ads that interrupt the bottom of the video, but I guess when you have 106,048,879 views that’s enough accidental clicks to be sufficient (?)

  2. This is such a great resource. I’ve always used YouTube for entertainment but more and more it’s becoming a work and business tool. It’s great that YouTube is offering support on how to successfully use YouTube as a social network and for branding.

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