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Who is your audience? How are similar online news ventures doing? Quantcast offers one solution that “provides free, directly measured traffic and audience composition reports” to up clarity and ad rates.

Quantcast Learning Center

Quantcast is a team of web analytics experts building powerful statistical technology to understand digital media audiences. Quantcast helps publishers of all sizes understand the composition of their audiences and attract higher advertising rates, and helps marketers and agencies find elusive online audiences wherever they might be. This web site allows anyone to view audience reports on millions of digital media properties.” Source: Quantcast Learning Center


Publishers and Platforms:

Quantcast Measurement provides free, directly measured traffic and audience composition reports. These reports are Media Ratings Council-accredited, ensuring that your traffic data is both accurate and reliable.

Use Quantcast audience segments to group your audiences any way you like. Define the custom audiences advertisers want and deliver more of your hard-won audience base. Quantcast enables you to add Quantcast Lookalikes (targeting) to compliment your business by serving the exact audience a marketer wants to reach.

Quantcast demographics: Segment out specific audiences you want to sell across your content. Adjust the composition of your audiences to index higher, and target audiences that were previously challenging to deliver.” Source: Quantcast

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