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Collaboration that "inspires, convenes and connects the diverse people molding the media of tomorrow." JTM strives to enrich the information ecology with fresh ideas from diverse perspectives.

Journalism That Matters

Journalism That Matters is an evolving collaboration of individuals supporting the pioneers who are shaping the emerging news and information ecosystem.

JTM focuses on cultivating “healthy journalists” and lively, informative interaction between journalists, educators, reformers, and community members. We support renewing the inner life of the journalist, and embrace all forms of media engagement with an eye towards preparing the next generation of journalists for co-creation with emerging citizen journalist.

Since 2001, JTM [hosts] vibrant and catalytic “unconferences” that have inspired hundreds of widely varied media initiatives around the nation.

Using interactive conversation practices, including Open Space Technology, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, and Dialogue, JTM events engage the potentials and creativity of the people who show up, inspiring breakthrough thinking and ongoing collaboration that effects positive change.” Source: Journalism That Matters


I think JTM needs to be here. I don’t think it’s a luxury. It’s essential at this point.  Without those who are willing to look far forward, those of us caught in the quagmire of the day to day and don’t have the mission, ability, or time to do that kind of work, this may sound corny, but it provides hope for those of us to know a group like JTM exists.  It provides hope and opportunity to secure the future for journalism.” Source: Martin Reynolds, Editor, the Oakland Tribune (via JTM)

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