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Tweets for Keeps: October 2019

Digital security toolkits, a j-education guide to Slack, automated mapmaking resources, G suite for media orgs, a plethora of fundraising research resources Tools & Tactics Tips & Techniques Innovation & Experiments Reports & Articles People & Collaboration

Tweets for Keeps: February 2019

Tools for finding constructive contacts, tips for a healthy editor-author relationship, a multiplatform publication transformation, the economics of data science, and an epic fundraising campaign to support local news Tools & Tactics Being able to find things like email addresses, usernames & sites with which persons of interest in your story have accounts helps build...

Tweets for Keeps: December 2018

Digital storytelling tools, tips for pitching to editors, innovative ideas for using AI in the news, a report on trust in media, collaborating to provide legal help for journalists Tools & Tactics Every day, companies are launching new tools to help you build a #digital story. Check out these 10 free digital storytelling tools for...

Tweets for Keeps: November 2018

A program to promote podcast diversity, getting started with digital inclusion, a lesson on linguistic listening, stories for inspiration and encouragement, motivating models for collaborative success

Tweets for Keeps: October 2018

Strategies for integrating audience input; tips for podcast publication; inclusion and AI; mapping the landscape of humanitarian journalism; a simple check for public interest tech

Tweets for Keeps: September 2018

Tools for sharing sensitive docs, tips for academic/journalist collaboration, an interactive "right to information" map, a handy handbook on disinformation, and a conversation about librarians' secret powers

Tweets for Keeps: August 2018

Tools to stay on top of stories, what do to when sources don't respond, emerging tech's influence, predictions for journalism 2018, the benefits of social sector sharing

Tweets for Keeps: July 2018

Progress on digital disinformation, tips for creating summer content, adventures in nonprofit newsrooms, the importance of the Fourth Estate, collaborating with communities

Tweets for Keeps: June 2018

Technical tactics of trolls, legal clause knowledge for freelancers, a community platform for sharing tech tools, advice for covering challenging migration stories, a collaborative reporting project on indigenous language

Tweets for Keeps: May 2018

Becoming digital media producers, reporting in dangerous situations, exploring the emerging "public interest tech" community, reinventing digital editions, expanding impact through collaboration
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