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A mobile platform aiming to up engagement, improve citizen reporting and increase revenue by building in ad space, verification tools, and automatic releases on content sent right to your system.


A new software tool developed by JJCS gives news organizations a direct means to facilitate community engagement and contribution in a time when many are struggling to find a way to efficiently and inexpensively cover hyperlocal.

JReporter, an application that works with the Android and iOS interfaces, allows a licensing media company to solicit content, whether it is text, video, audio or stills, from local citizens via geo-targeted messages. The user can then submit content to the news organization through the app, which integrates with the media company’s CMS.

The app offers local news organizations inexpensive content that they can subsequently turn around and monetize through digital ads. The app will ideally allow media outlets to cover more hyperlocal events, ranging from school board meetings to high school football games, that may otherwise not be cost-efficient…

From a journalism standpoint, the application makes sense as a way to foster community engagement and promote the local media’s role as the “place where the community comes to learn about itself” — a phrase JJCS has trademarked. At the very least, this content can be used to develop a searchable archive. But whether the app can develop a strong enough user base to drive ad revenue, both via resulting Web content and directly on the mobile app, through proximity-based messages from local merchants, will ultimately determine its success.” Source: Street Fight Daily

News organizations face four problems:

Dwindling Reporting Staff •  Lack of Content Ownership
Ineffective Revenue Streams • Lackluster Customer Engagement

JReporter makes it easy for customers and reporters to send breaking news video,
stills and audio directly into your editorial content management system with the
correct ancillary information (metadata) and a release.

In the today’s world, one of your customers is at every news event with a smart
phone and who will, if it’s easy, give you coverage. JReporter is easy to use and
ensures that you know who is sending you content, so that you can follow up, get
additional information, and interview the eyewitness…

Cloud based and advertising supported, JReporter ensures high availability and
low cost of entry. JReporter does not require any changes to your current working
environment and can be ready to go in no time.

JReporter includes embedded revenue opportunities and is white labeled for
sponsorship, branding or embedding.” Source: JReporter

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