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Part 3: Memorable quotes from revenue forum reveal perspective and promise

Quotable Moments

Quick takes, capturing earned insight from publishers day-to-day discoveries shared in the JA’s two-day forum on increasing revenue. Wise quotes from these experienced folks, to inspire a conversation or words worthy of taping on your office wall. Want to respond? Click on the first few words to read the full comment in context, patiently allowing the page to render and deliver you in line, on point.

To free the conversation up to evolve over time, the forums remain open, so you can add your thoughts to the comment thread as the topics tackled continue to unfold. Or if you would rather go direct to a dialogue. Find background and ways to connect with any of these publishers. Just click on a name and jump to that person’s JA profile. You might also want to check out Emerging Practices around a range of revenue-accekerating options from advertising to underwriting, How-Tos of Basic Business Practices, or Philosophical Discussions, all distilled out of the two-day JA revenue forum.

There is a single philosophy that can help local news publishers succeed: Content is NOT king; it is queen. The point is that community building is king.

Mike Green, media innovator


How many clicks would you get on a newspaper ad?

Jeremy Sapienza, BushwickBK


Major media needs to think about partnering with us, not the other way around.

Hal Goodtree, Cary Citizen


Only do what you can afford to do, and only do it when you can afford to do it.

Ned Berke, Sheepshead Bites


When building an online community, offline relationships drive that in every possible way in my world.

Emily Lowrey, Magic City Post


One of the fundamental lessons that’s emerging is that it’s nearly impossible to make a living solely creating content.

Dan Grech, WPRN


Distribution of said content is the key to advertising support and success.

John Garrett, Community Impact Newspaper


With money, you can find the right talent. But how to get enough money?

Jeremy Sapienza, BushwickBK


That ‘customers for my products’ strategy doesn’t work so well anymore. We found a problem in the market, and we offered a solution for it.

Emily Lowrey, Magic City Post


We find that it is extremely hard to subsist on display advertising and have never tried to do so!

Bob Buderi, Xconomy


Too many publishers assume that because advertising has been a part of the revenue to support news mix before that it will continue to do so.

Kevin Davis, Investigative News Network


Key insight: one revenue stream alone will not support your hyperlocal.

Hal Goodtree, Cary Citizen