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News innovators and public interest advocates are working tirelessly for policies that support journalism and the communities they serve. With so much at stake, this section offers a simple way to learn more about some of the pressing policy issues facing the news and information field. We welcome organizations that work across news, information and policy networks to inform and educate others. Please feel free to suggest additional resources you think should be included.

The Center for Public Integrity

Serving the public trust for over two decades, this is investigative journalism at its best.

Committee of Concerned Journalists

Discussion, tools, articles, workshops and forums by a number of leading thinkers in publishing, news reporting and the academy.

Re-Imagining Journalism: Local News for a Networked World

Mike Fancher’s policy paper, commissioned by the Knight Foundation and the Aspen Institute, outlines five critical ingredients to support local journalism.

FCC Report: The Information Needs of Communities

465 pages, 600+ interviews over 18 months: “Diagnosis is sound, but the remedies are lacking.”

Living Voters Guide

A “citizen powered” voters guide; a “public square” for discussing ballot measures. Easy to contribute, to see what others think, and to get alerts about new information as the election evolves.

What’s at Stake? Public Access to News and Information

A brief overview of the issue by JA’s Tram Whitehurst On February 16, several Republican Senators introduce a resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act to repeal net neutrality regulations adopted by the Federal Communications Commission last year. The following day, the House of Representatives voted to prevent the FCC from implementing the controversial...
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