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Tweets for Keeps: March 2016

Tools for reporting with online data, two handy FOI request generators, a text system for building community news, a government info transparency dashboard, mobile storytelling sparks social change

Tweets for Keeps: February 2016

Helpful analytics reports, bright ideas for nonprofit newsrooms, lessons learned from the Local News Lab, practical advice for fact-checking, street papers engage in global solidarity

Tweets for Keeps: January 2016

A toolkit to track social media impact, tips for using chat apps to amplify reporting, crowdfunded journalism on the rise, stellar samples of stories based on public data and docs, a news community unifies to ensure distribution

Tweet for Keeps: December 2015

Project-based learning to up your skills, tips for truly measuring impact, engaging with audiences from across the board, a new ethics database for journos, tech & innovation empowering civic participation Tools & Tactics Something awesome this way comes @HackOregon delivers Hack U #narrative products and J grad boot camp! @journaccel — lisa skube (@lskube)...

Tweets for Keeps: November 2015

Free photojournalism classes for your iPad, clever public records tips, optimizing online aid data, principles and process of political fact-checking, journalism plus community makes hope and opportunity

Tweets for Keeps: October 2015

A quick tool for finding video quotes, a database of searchable Facebook posts, a framework to build your own ethics code, a call to protect the right of whistle-blowers, top tips for publishing ebooks

Tweets for Keeps: September 2015

Dataviz tools to tell your story, insight into infographics, new local indies filling old gaps, the increasing role of automation and algorithms, journos join forces for a multimedia field guide

Tweets for Keeps: August 2015

Free plugins for local news, tips for teaching from true experience, a great big guide for data viz, weeklies as the new news norm, advocacy advice for nonprofits

Tweets for Keeps: July 2015

Keys to audience engagement, 5 easy podcasting steps, transforming a radio studio, examining violence against journos, data journalism as a cultural skill

Tweets for Keeps: June 2015

Advancing advocacy, podcasting for pros, best practices for journo-preneurs, nonprofit revelations, reestablishing news's roots
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