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Tweets for Keeps: August 2018

Tools to stay on top of stories, what do to when sources don't respond, emerging tech's influence, predictions for journalism 2018, the benefits of social sector sharing

Tweets for Keeps: July 2018

Progress on digital disinformation, tips for creating summer content, adventures in nonprofit newsrooms, the importance of the Fourth Estate, collaborating with communities

Tweets for Keeps: June 2018

Technical tactics of trolls, legal clause knowledge for freelancers, a community platform for sharing tech tools, advice for covering challenging migration stories, a collaborative reporting project on indigenous language

Tweets for Keeps: May 2018

Becoming digital media producers, reporting in dangerous situations, exploring the emerging "public interest tech" community, reinventing digital editions, expanding impact through collaboration

Tweets for Keeps: April 2018

How to run a branded news account, cheap ways to measure metrics, the future of local TV, gauging radio engagement, leveraging the power of large journalism networks

Tweets for Keeps: March 2018

Google tries to help publishers, using engagement metrics for PR success, innovative new ways emerging to fund journalism, the need for transparency around political money, collaboration keys for news project success

Tweets for Keeps: January 2018

2017's "most interesting" tools, tips for photojournalists returning from protests, how data-driven algorithms will impact journalism, a community conversation about engaging audience, new grant competition "pitches for peace"

Tweets for Keeps: December 2017

How to use an anonymous source, FOIA website guidance, multi-platform collaboration, a web app for measuring real world impact, an alliance for journalist safety Tools & Tactics How do you use an anonymous source? The mysteries of journalism everyone should know. …. My column — Margaret Sullivan (@Sulliview) December 10, 2017 Tips & Techniques...

Tweets for Keeps: November 2017

Top tools for data backup, tips for sharing analytics in the newsroom, coordinating a project across three platforms, the vibrant life of local news, humans still best source of stories Tools & Tactics The internet isn't forever. Here are a few tools to help you save your work in case a site shuts down suddenly

Tweets for Keeps: October 2017

An updated online handbook, tips for IDing the right KPIs, making open data relatable, $3 million in funds for nonprofit newsrooms, a whole town steps in to save one local paper
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