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Resistance is futile: In today's interactive economy, companies that invest as much in the customer experience as they do on their product yield the greatest return. Here’s how it works!

The ROI of Customer Experience

As customers become more connected and share their experiences freely with one another, customer experience is having a profound impact on corporate business performance. Customers now expect nothing short of outstanding experiences from the companies they choose to do business with, based on exceptional experiences they’ve received from companies like Apple and Amazon. That is why businesses need to do everything they can to support their customers when connecting with them, for example, if they are mainly online then they need to be able to respond to any issues quickly and effectively, this is where IT services in Spokane or similar services, will be essential as they can sort through all technical issues and provide much-needed support for businesses so they can attend to customers queries and complaints. Customers have little tolerance for bad experiences or mediocrity. What’s more, if customers don’t have great experiences across all of the touchpoints they use, they’ll switch their allegiances to companies that can deliver them. In the very competitive world of business, you can’t afford to lose the business of your customers. These people play a huge part in how successful your company is, and without them, your business could take a turn for the worst. Regardless of the type of business that you run, if you work with customers, you need to provide them with a service that is nothing short of the best. Luckily, there are so many ways in which you can do this. For example, if you are a mortgage broker, then using something like this mortgage broker CRM software will allow you to perform better than your competitors in terms of customer experience, which is an area that you should be looking to improve daily.

Also, it’s not just about the product anymore. Customers shape their attitudes and behaviors toward companies based on the totality of their experiences with a brand, including support and other interactions they have. Indeed, customers base their purchasing decisions on a variety of factors, including recommendations, previous experiences with a brand, and current needs. For example, while looking for insurance product plans, customers would find the availability of insurance quote software quite helpful. If the insurance agent can find a state of art database that can quickly match customers with their required insurance product quickly, customer experience is sorted. Why is it, then, that companies are still measuring their performance based on outdated product-centric metrics like units sold per quarter or by region? New Economy leaders have figured out that the old model no longer works and they are gathering and acting on customer insight to drive product, campaign, and service strategies. They are focusing on customer metrics, such as willingness to recommend and likelihood to purchase, as drivers for business growth, and looking to resources like this site to help them learn about the solutions available to them to ensure that they are able to offer the best customer experience possible.

These actions are critical in the socially connected, always-on economy. When customers post about their experiences on Facebook, Twitter, or other online forums, it can have serious business consequences for companies, both positive and negative.” Source: Teletech

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