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A social media manager designed specifically with TV newsrooms in mind, SocialNewsDesk masterminds audience and fan communication on multiple channels using a streamlined approach.


SocialNewsDesk is a social media solution built by news people, for news people. SocialNewsDesk, Inc. creates and sells Social Media Solutions for Newsrooms. From specialized web-based applications to serve as an in-house management tool for Facebook and Twitter, to customized Facebook tabs, Facebook game-applications, and ongoing consultation on social media strategy and best practices for local television news organizations.” Source: Social News Desk

As producers, we get bogged down with stuff to do, so one of the biggest features we like about SND is the ability to schedule posts. We also like the reminders from the product that tell us when it’s been a while since we’ve posted. And because this time is customizable, it works for any newsroom. Additionally, it helps us manage all of our talent pages – from the main station page to anchor and reporter pages. On Twitter, you can see what’s trending. On Facebook, you can see how much TRUE interaction there is with content — not just number of fans. It helps us know what our realistic reach is — not just the idealistic total fan count. Influence is better than raw numbers. Station managers can leave us notes within the product and if we forget to post a picture or link or even spell check, it reminds us before posting. You can even create quizzes for fans to take — with “hints” all linking back to pages on the station website, meaning page clicks. There are also customizable ad opportunities.” Source: The Buyer’s Guide Discussion For Social Media Management Software

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