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“Democratizing information,” NNIP collaborates with the Urban Institute in service of 35 local partners across the nation delivering critical public data and visualization tools to help neighborhoods thrive.

National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership

In recent years all NNIP partners have built advanced information systems with integrated and recurrently updated information on neighborhood conditions in their cities. Creation of this capacity, which did not exist in any U.S. city two decades ago, represents an important technical and institutional breakthrough …

Their indicators cover topics such as births, deaths, crime, health status, educational performance, public assistance, and property conditions. Perhaps more important is the way they have used their data. NNIP partners operate very differently from traditional planners and researchers. Their theme is democratizing information. They concentrate on facilitating the direct practical use of data by city and community leaders, rather than preparing independent research reports on their own.” Source: National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership

“The National Neighborhoods Indicators Partnership is coordinated by the Urban Institute of Washington, D.C. and government by representatives that make up the NNIP Executive Committee.

As the secretariat, fiscal agent, and overall coordinator, the Urban Institute takes the lead in preparing proposals for funding, receives grants to support the partnership, and is ultimately accountable to funders for overall performance.” SourceNational Neighborhood Indicators Partnership

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