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A Twitter tool giving you intelligence beyond numbers and metrics to people and connection. Find experts with similar interests and grow your own influence.


What’s it all about?

Followerwonk is essentially a Twitter research tool. It lets you search specific Twitter bios for key words or urls. You can see who your followers are following, what lists they are on and who has the most influence, and do the same with the followers of other accounts. You can compare specific Twitter accounts for common followers and essentially get to grips with your audience.

How does it work?

This is an online tool that you can begin using straight away:

1. Sign in using an existing twitter account.

2. Type in the account(s) that you wish to compare OR Type in the keywords that you wish to search for within Twitter profiles.

There is a basic free version that you don’t have to login for, or a subscription service that will give you more analysis of the data. The subscription service works on a pay as you go basis…There is also a third option of earning or building up credits by logging in and performing certain tasks.” Source: Waltzing Matilida

One of my very favorite parts of this tool is the ability to search for twitter users by keyword and compare them based on different metrics (influence, followers, following, age, etc). In practice, if you were looking to connect with authoritative social media bloggers to promote your content, this tool will let your search, sort, and download them based on the keywords you selected. You can also follow them on Twitter right from the application. Followerwonk also shows you if your account is following the selected twitter profiles or if they are following you.

Once you have selected a short-list of highly authoritative and relevant bloggers, or websites, you can dive deeper into their twitter statistics and then start to analyze their followers (or whom they are following) to help narrow down cream of the crop. There are a ton of metrics to take into account such as the average age, language of their followers, and how active and authoritative they are.” Source: Web Talent Marketing

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