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February 27, 2011 in Education, Resources

The Common Language Project is a nonprofit multimedia journalism organization housed in the University of Washington’s Department of Communication. Three talented young Seattle journalists founded it in 2006: Sarah Stuteville, Alex Stonehill and Jessica Partnow.  CLP works in three key areas:

International Reporting – CLP reporters frequently undertake topical reporting projects around the globe. We also accept submissions fromemerging journalists and media makers working around the world. Our work tends to focus on the people affected by key social justice issues – the small human stories that illuminate broad social, political or economic issues. Our coverage is focused on human rights, gender equality, social and economic justice, immigration, education, labor, health and the environment.

Local Reporting – Inspired by the diversity and globalism of the Puget Sound region, the CLP regularly reports from our home city of Seattle on issues that connect our region to international community such as immigration, refugees and global health.

Journalism in Education – The CLP believes that a journalist’s first duty is to educate. We believe media education is the key to fostering a diverse media landscape and encouraging informed and engaged global media consumers.

In January 2011, CLP launched the Seattle Digital Literacy Initiative in partnership with public high school teachers and the University of Washington. The purpose is to foster understanding about the functions and methods of journalism and to encourage students to be better engaged as citizens. A summer camp program to teach investigative journalism and media production is planned for summer 2011.”  Source: Common Language Project

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  1. We’re kicking off our End of Year Donation Campaign today! Go to, donate to support innovative, underreported, international journalism and spread the word to your networks.

    P.S. There are some pretty cool donor rewards….

  2. Did you know that we, Common Language Project, have our own Youtube channel? Well, we do! Check it out to see all of our videos from corners around the world gathered in one place.

    Here is another story on

    Haitians Deported From US Face Prison and Squalor
    The United States has deported more than 250 Haitians since January, knowing that one in two will be jailed without charges in facilities so filthy they pose life-threatening health risks. An investigation by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting found that the Obama administration has not followed its own policy of seeking alternatives to deportation when there are serious medical and humanitarian concerns.

  3. Two new stories on, check them out!

    The Big Operation
    Rural Indian women are having hysterectomies at extremely high rates. But instead of putting women’s health first, clinics are cutting corners and reinforcing a culture of shame about menstruation.

    In Ethiopia, Food Insecurity is About More Than Just Famine.
    When I first came to Ethiopia, I expected to see famine. I had long associated the country with footage of starving children from the 1980s. But I found out that food insecurity here is less about famine and more about families struggling every day to secure enough food in spite of receiving aid.

  4. Here’s what’s new on the CLP!

    Our latest story from Egypt: Egypt Sees the Writing on the Wall.
    In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, street art has taken a revolutionary form on the city walls of Cairo. View this cool photo essay by UW Student and CLP contributor Mustafa Al Gamal.

    Community Supported Journalism
    Do you often find yourself complaining about ‘the media’? Are you frustrated by the limited coverage of a region or community that you care about? Is there an issue close to your heart that you don’t see represented in the mainstream media? Join our CSJ (that stands for Community Supported Journalism) now to invest in coverage that’s important to you.

  5. Check out our latest stories!

    About maternal and child health in Bangladesh: A Clean Start, by Chantal Anderson.

    Young Iraqi refugees dream of Seattle but waiting in limbo in Syria: Never Going Home, by Sarah Stuteville and Alex Stonehill.

    Can book clubs bring an Arab Spring to Azerbaijan? Reading for Freedom by Amanda Erickson.

    Also, We’re getting excited to see our own Sarah Stuteville speak at TedxRainier November 12th!

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