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September 3, 2011 in Community, Education, Experiments, Resources

We are a group of bloggers who enjoy writing about journalism and related topics. Once a month we get together and write about the same topic chosen by a different host each time. For those unfamiliar with blog carnivals check out Wikipedia’s definition.

Collectively we have numerous years experience in blogging and a decent amount of knowledge about the subject matter (or so we hope).

In its current incantation the Carnival is made possible with support from the Reynolds Journalism Institute. The first four months of this “carnival” will discuss topics leading up to a conference at RJI organized by David Cohn made possible by the Knight Foundation.” SourceCarnival of Journalism

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  1. The carnival posts are always fun and a great incentive to actually write a post! I love reading what others have to say.

  2. Believe it or not – this is actually the second incantation of the “Carnival of Journalism.” I put some of the history behind the Carnival here: (the history part starts after “I’ll see you at the Carnival”

    As you might gather from that history lesson of the JCARN part of the inspiration for it was a frustration with Twitter. I love Twitter – but sometimes I want longer more in-depth conversation. Now we meet people through Twitter. But I used to make “digital friends” via my blog. It’s a different kind of relationship (which can now overlap with Twitter) and I wanted to rekindle that feeling.

    The original JCARN was closed to about 30 or us (we just happened to find each other) but this version is open. Anyone can join the Google Group and respond to the host question.

    The main “closed” part is that as the founder I choose the host. This is mostly to keep decorum not to be a dictator.

    • So this is interesting. Dave—you and Will Sullivan met through the first incarnation of JCarn, which led to you two as roommates last year during your Reynolds Journalism Institute fellowships. Jacob and I first connected via JCarn 2.0, and I later learned that Jacob consults for the JA from time to time.

      Dave and others, has the Carnival of Journalism seeded collaborations with other JCarnies for you? Or led to discussions outside of the JCarn thread?

      • David’s innovative use of nicknames for all JCarn members when he kick-started this party again sparked a revolution among the nation’s media elite and some believe it may have kept publisher’s spirits up, which kept the international news positive, inspiring a new ‘greatest generation,’ potentially saving the world from complete financial collapse. Not since GW Bush’s first term of his presidency has there been so much playful piquing and pleasant punnery. I’m proud to have personally witnessed the catalyst that saved the Carnival of Journalism …and perhaps the civilized world from crumbling onto itself.

  3. As someone who can be very busy, it’s easy to pop in with a blog entry if a topic catches my fancy that month. It’s also a much-needed reminder, when you have your head down, that a great wide world of fascinating thinkers are out there sharing honestly about the field we have in common.

  4. The Carnival of Journalism has completed it’s first year as of Jan 2012, and has been really useful on many fronts. For me it’s been a great motivator to write, because there’s a guaranteed audience of like-minded professionals right out of the bag, and the roundup links are nice for SEO traffic too 😉

    Last month I wrote a post in response to the Dec 2011 carnival question: “What’s on your journalism tech wishlist for developers?” — my post mentioned a proposed workflow to collect valuable semantic data from investigative researchers using Zotero, and I ended up getting tech advice on accessing the API, as well as a personal comment from the director of the Zotero project himself! Not baaad! <–the post

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