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May 31, 2011 in Resources, Technology

The philanthropic arm of Web Analytics Demystified, the Analysis Exchange is all-volunteer based. This is a mentor/mentee program with analytics professionals serving non-profit organizations because they care about the cases they are selected to work on. Web analytics strategy program refinement and site metrics assessment for the public good!

The program launched in early 2010, as of March 2011 they have produced around 100 projects for a variety of non-profits, working with groups from PBS to Amnesty International. This relatively new organization has grown to over 1,250 members around the world, including 205 nonprofit groups and nearly 650 students.”  Source: Journalism Accelerator

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  1. Thanks for your suggestions ladies!

  2. As a prospective volunteer just starting out in the wide world of Web Analytics, realistically what kinds of lasting connections and benefits would I achieve with this program? It sounds like a great concept, but does anyone have any experience with Analysis Exchange they could share, any success stories or examples of partnerships forged to encourage my involvement?

    • Volunteering for a project is a great way to get exposure to different organizations. You’ll have a mentor during the length of the project and that person could be someone to stay connected with down the road. It can also be a one-time commitment. You’re not required to do multiple projects so there’s no harm in trying one out. I’ve completed two so far and thought they were both worthwhile.

    • Web analytics is learned best through practice. Nonprofits have come to the Analysis Exchange to gain insight into their websites, but also provide students with an opportunity to get their hands on real data. The Analysis Exchange is a great way to get experience, and our mentors are very knowledgeable and willing to share their experiences and expertise.

  3. Thanks so much for letting people know about our program. If anyone wants further information, please check out this video about the Analysis Exchange:

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