Twitter’s Official Page for Journalists

August 22, 2011 in Community, Distribution, Resources, Technology

Today in an e-mail from Twitter’s PR team, the company introduced Twitter for Newsrooms (#TfN), a compelling resource akin to Facebook for Journalists that will help optimize the platform’s reporting potential. The guide contains four sections, #report, #engage, #publish and #extra, each with a variety of best practices geared towards streamlining Twitter reporting and making Twitter a more efficient journalism tool. While much of the information won’t ring fresh for reporters already knee-deep in social media sourcing, it’s a comprehensive and helpful resource for journalists of all levels hoping to gain some insight into Twitter’s potential for journalists. So what does the new guide include?

#Report “A suite of search tools that allow you and your colleagues to search as much as you need to.”

#EngageExamples of journalists using Twitter to improve the way they connect with audiences, share news and, through it all, build deeper and broader communities.”

#Publish Tools that enable you to “connect tweets to actions.”

#Extra Helpful links to Twitter blogs, Twitter in other languages and a variety of other resources.” SourceMediabistro


3 responses to Twitter’s Official Page for Journalists

  1. I’m an online organizer, and these developments are really exciting to me. In particular, the #publish section, especially Web Intents, provides some interesting food for thought on how to make it easier and more appealing for our users to tweet our messages. I can see these tools being useful for any web-based campaign.

  2. Really interesting resource – anyone have experience/feedback re: using #TfN?

    • Molly — From my experience the hashtag (#TfN) is pretty broad and not very informative necessarily. It looks like it’s being used for a number of different topics, not just Twitter for Newsrooms. That said, I think the information that Twitter provides here is really very helpful and informative.

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