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Reporting on trends and emerging practices, Street Fight publishes “ideas about sustainable business models for the hyperlocal news, information and advertising.”

Street Fight: Inside the Business of Hyperlocal

Street Fight is a media, events, and research company focused on the business of hyperlocal: location-centric services, locally-targeted daily deals efforts, and more traditional “hyperlocal” news and information sites and networks…We aim to be a central resource for ideas about sustainable business models for the hyperlocal news, information and advertising efforts. We will celebrate those who are making it happen — whether at a sexy startup, an old-school media or advertising company or a blog with a passionate scope no bigger than a few-block radius — and we will provide case studies and wisdom from those on the front lines.

In fact, it’s a question that has already been put to us. As we were working behind the scenes to build the site, we began participating in the Twitterverse, connecting with and learning about the range of individuals and companies who live and breathe hyperlocal. Not long before launch, this tweet came through from @westseattleblog: “hmm will @streetfightmag actually be relevant to our business or just another focus on big corp (or tech-heavy) efforts to be #hyperlocal.”

No doubt others will ask as well as they review our site and our Twitter feed, which are in fact more heavily weighted toward the companies grabbing the headlines across the tech and media landscape right now. And here’s our answer: We intend to cover the breadth of the industry as best we can, and we’d love to hear from all corners of the market to help us do so. If you’ve got questions, comments, or ideas about the site, please email co-founders Laura Rich and David Hirschman

Take a look around, poke at the site, and let us know what you think. Here’s a little guide:

  • Street Fight Daily – Essential news of the day published on the site and directly to your inbox (sign up for the newsletter here)
  • Interviews – Hear directly from the leaders in hyperlocal in our up-close Q&As, as well as local business owners
  • Commentary – Views and guest posts from staff and industry voices to give shape to news developments and ideas
  • Street Smart Moves – The single-best deal, assertion, investment or other strategy, each week” Source: Streetfight


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