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Mediashift correspondents report how new online communication tools are changing the media world. Analysis and a daily "must reads" feed.

PBS MediaShift

Since January 2006, MediaShift has been tracking how social media, weblogs, podcasting, citizen journalism, wikis, news aggregators and online video are changing our media world. MediaShift includes commentary and reporting to tell stories of how the shifting media landscape is changing the way we get our news and information, while also providing a place for public participation and feedback.

MediaShift correspondents help tell the story of how people who are working in traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, music and movies are dealing with digital disruption and adapting their business models for a more mobile, networked world. Not only is this a story of technology, but a story of changing mindset for journalists who must adjust to the increasing power of the “people formerly known as the audience.”

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation provided a grant to MediaShift to produce its sister blog, Idea Lab and to upgrade MediaShift. Since 1950 the foundation has granted more than $300 million to advance journalism quality and freedom of expression. Knight Foundation supports ideas and projects that create transformational change.” Source: PBS MediaShift

Special MediaShift Series: Beyond J-School

[A]nother in-depth special series on MediaShift. This time the series will look at “Beyond J-School,” chronicling how journalism education and training are changing, and how journalists need more than traditional j-school. They need multimedia skills, social media knowledge, community management chops, and must learn to collaborate with their audience. It’s more than just learning the basics of journalism: They also need more background in business, entrepreneurship, technology and even programming. The entire series is linked below. Source: PBS MediaShift

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