Moxie Insight: Collaborative Innovation

May 3, 2012 in Experiments, Resources, Revenue, Technology

Collaborative Innovation is a thought leadership blog about the impact of social networking and other consumer technologies on the enterprise and how to leverage them within the enterprise to foster better collaboration and greater innovation…

Crowdsourcing of Knowledge — Proponents of crowdsourcing believe that greater innovation is delivered when a larger and more diverse crowd is able to collaborate to create new products as is manifested by Wikipedia. Don Tapscott in his Wikonomics and Macrowikonomics books believes that collaborative innovation is altering each and every institution and unless these new principles can become embedded, institutions will continue to wither and die. We can already see this happening within the media and music industries.

Human-Centered Design Principles for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing — Collaboration is all about the way people work and understanding human interaction is key to delivering collaboration technology. We have partnered with IDEO the global leader in human center design to understand the design principles of technology that is easy and intuitive and drives viral adoption.

Greater Openness — There is now a new engine of innovation and wealth creation and a powerful new force that radically drops collaboration costs and as such enables communities to collaborate on shared concerns, endeavors, and challenges. Greater openness in innovation and science, for example, is creating more economic opportunity for citizens and businesses that learn how to tap into global innovation webs.” Source: Moxie Insight

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