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Revealing the benefit of partnerships, news services that provide hefty editorial support, translation services and content to street newspapers that, in turn, offer jobs to the homeless.

INSP News Service

The INSP News Service is one of our key member services. It provides editorial support to street papers – to build their capacity and increase their sales – so that tens of thousands of homeless vendors can earn a living and improve their lives.

“The INSP News Service provides free content and translation to street papers. It circulates content from within the network and external media partners. It also adds value to street papers by using INSP’s unique position to create exclusive content. INSP journalists detect and report on global trends relating to homelessness and social justice, and secure support from high profile contributors.” Source: International Network of Street Papers

Although the INSP’s affiliate publications reach an estimated 32 million readers every year, the organization certainly can’t pretend to have the clout or circulation of, say, AOL-Time Warner or Rupert Murdoch’s fittingly named News Corporation. But those aren’t the arenas in which the INSP is trying to compete. Through their diverse network of more than 90 “street papers” (ranging from down-to-the-basics, black-and-white newspapers to photograph-chocked, full-color magazines), INSP’s member affiliates (with assistance from the integral Street News Service) are busy covering news, cultural and political terrain in 38 countries.” Source: Silja J.A. Talvi, In These Times

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