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This wiki for "do-gooders" offers journalists background basics and leads across social issues from arts to technology; tapping into shared expertise, identifying standards and best practices.


What: Connectipedia is a shared learning community for anyone interested in advancing the knowledge and efforts of those working for the common good.

Why: We think the way learning is accomplished has changed. “While hierarchies are not vanishing, profound changes in the nature of technology, demographics, and the global economy are giving rise to powerful new models of production based on community, collaboration, and self-organization rather than on [hierarchy] and control.” –Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything.

Who: Established and maintained by the Communication & Learning Department at Meyer Memorial Trust, connectipedia is a tribute to Fred G. Meyer, the man behind MMT. When Meyer Memorial Trust contemplated developing its own knowledge management system, Mr. Meyer’s community spirit and passion for innovation inspired us to build something new that anyone working for the common good could use. …

Where: We intend that the content on connectipedia will reflect the best information and thinking the world has to offer on all subjects. Our focus began in the Pacific NW, [because] that is where we are, but we have watched the community grow across the US, Canada and beyond.” Source: Connectipedia

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