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Hosted by Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, DMLP works at the “intersection of law and journalism on the Internet.” A legal resource to help advance public interest journalism.

Digital Media Law Project

DMLP’s mission is to provide assistance, training, research, and other resources for individuals and organizations involved in online and citizen media. We aim to serve as a catalyst for creative thinking about the intersection of law and journalism on the Internet. Through the project’s website, the active engagement of lawyers and scholars, and occasional sponsored conferences, we are working to build a community of lawyers, academics, and others who are interested in facilitating citizen participation in online media and protecting the legal rights of those engaged in speech on the Internet.

DMLP’s newest endeavor is the Online Media Legal Network (OMLN), a pro bono initiative that connects lawyers and law school clinics from across the country with online journalists and digital media creators who need legal help.” Source: Citizen Media Law Project

Online Media Legal Network
“The Online Media Legal Network (OMLN) is a network of law firms, law school clinics, in-house counsel, and individual lawyers throughout the United States willing to provide pro bono (free) and reduced fee legal assistance to qualifying online journalism ventures and other digital media creators.

The network currently comprises nearly 200 members, practicing law in 37 states.  These lawyers come from more than 80 law firms and media companies, as well as over a dozen law school clinics and nonprofit legal services organizations.  Many of our members are pro bono coordinators at large national law firms, which allows us to tap into a base of more than 6,000 lawyers.” Source: Online Media Legal Network

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